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 You can choose one of the following payment methods for your orders:

1. By credit card.

You can take advantage of the 6 interest-free installments.

(complete transaction security)


2. By wire transfer or deposit to an account (bank wire).

You will be e-mailed to the account as soon as we receive your order.

(the time of shipment of your order starts on the day of deposit)



3. With Paypal. The safest way to pay.

Payment / Transaction Security


The Company does not store any credit card information for future use for security reasons, so you will need to re-enter it whenever you make a purchase.

The Company bears no responsibility in case of illegal use of credit cards.

If your transaction with your credit card is rejected for any reason by the issuing bank or credit card network, indicative reasons such as exceeding the credit limit or suspected fraud, then the purchase will not be executed.


 We expressly state that the transactions are made with the Online Payment Processing Provider and that we are in no way receiving the card details of any of our customer customers as a company.


The Company is not liable for failure to make credit card debits or commitments in the event of the fault of an Internet Payment Provider or an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Indicative cases of non-fault of the Company are:


1. 1. Online Payment Processor hardware or software failure.

Should the Payments Processing Provider's request server stop working in accordance with the specifications either due to hardware failure (indicative of hard drive failure, power loss, main memory failure) or due to software problems, the Member will consider does not participate in the market.


2. Failure to inform the Company of the completion of the transaction. If the transaction is debited or blocked on a credit card but the Company is not informed through acceptable procedures then the Company will consider that the Member is not participating in the market. Failure to inform the Company may be the fault of the Internet Payment Processing Provider or the Internet Service Provider.



Your transactions at our website are protected by state-of-the-art security systems (TLS 1.2 bit and digital certification by Let's Encrypt) that guarantee a secure trading environment. All communication between the server and the clients is encrypted using the safest encryption and key exchange algorithms. This process safeguards you against malware and guarantees you 100% Transaction Security!


The e-shop also gives you the option of issuing a retail or invoice receipt. You choose! An invoice is issued to companies and freelancers if they complete the following information on their order: Company name, VAT, DOY, Head office and occupation.


All transactions made through are governed by International and European law, which regulates matters related to e-commerce, as well as the Consumer Protection Act (Law 2251/1994), which governs regulates issues related to distance sales.


The Company, in the context of its proper operation towards its customers and associates and faithful to its principles, fully complies with the Law on Personal Data and secures transactions with its customers employs a specialized information security technician.



Chief Security Officer: Karakasidis George